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Bibliothekar 2.0

Posted by jintan on 28 December, 2006

(foto von mstephens7)

was ist Web 2.0, Library 2.0, and Librarian 2.0? erklärt Stephen Abram aus bibliothekarischer Sicht in SirsiDynix. Es ist vielleicht nicht mehr so neu, was er über Web 2.0 und Library 2.0 gesagt hat, aber interessant ist, was er über den neuen Begriff Librarian 2.0 definiert hat:

Librarian 2.0 understands his or her users at a deep level – not just as pointers and clickers. Librarian 2.0 understands end users deeply in terms of their goals and aspirations, workflows, social and content needs, and more. Librarian 2.0 is where the user is, when the user is there.


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