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Bericht aus der Library2.0-Umfrage

Posted by jintan on 17 January, 2007

Endlich wird den Befragungsbericht veröffentlicht!

Nov. 2006 entwickelt Amanda eine Online Befragung über die Nutzung der Web2.0 Tools in Bibliotheken, ganz überraschend war viel Zahl von Bibliotheken die Web2.0 Tools(z.B. RSS, Blog, Wiki…) benutzen.

Interessant bei dem Bericht ist, wie die Tools in Bibliotheken nach unterschiedlichen Anwendungen eingesetzt werden:

  • An internal blog where we try to share some of the research gems we find
  • A what’s-new-in-the-library blog
  • Experimenting with the idea of embedding federal government RSS feeds into resource guides for our executive departments using feed2js
  • Social bookmarking for internal reference stuff
  • Use IM constantly for collaboration internally and externally …It is business critical.
  • A wiki/blog as another means to communicate news and information internally in our library.
  • RSS is used but little understood
  • Encourage doctors to use RSS feeds to stay up to date with their favorite journals. I help them create searches on PubMed that are saved as RSS feeds.
  • We use a wiki for reference service.
  • Wikis for compiling results of large group research projects.
  • Personalized RSS feeds for users, based on their interests.
  • A social bookmarking tool integrated in with the library system.
  • Our Intranet is made up solely of 2.0 tools – blogs for communication and wikis for collaboration.
  • A blog that only the librarians see, where we post kudos to each other, announcements and links to interesting Web sites.
  • I was asked for my bookmarks so many times that I turned it into a catalogue.

aber was macht man mit solchen internen Probleme:

  • Hard to get our group to post to the blog or even to read it!
  • Admin didn’t see the use of blogs/RSS…
  • our parent institution blocks IM.
  • IT don’t want to cooperate.
  • IT department has really put the hammer down on any multimedia things such as instant messaging or view podcasts.
  • IT’s reluctance to adopt new technologies out of fear as to what it will do to their system is our biggest problem.
  • ….

2 Responses to “Bericht aus der Library2.0-Umfrage”

  1. LH said

    Oh, das ist ja eine sehr interessante und kompakte Liste von Bibliothek-2.0-Anwendungen… Und erstaunlich, daß so viele bibliotheksinterne Anwendungsbereiche genannt werden!

  2. jintan said

    ja, das finde ich auch sehr positiv von der Befragung

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